The missing piece in the puzzle

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle - The Time Slip Simulator

I don’t need to tell you how tough sportsman drag racing has become. If you’re not chopping the tree down and running dead-on, you’re going home early. To become more consistent, drag racers use a wide range of tools, from…

Exciting new tools in Version 1.0.8

Time Slip Simulator v 1.08

Version 1.0.8 represents a significant advancement in terms of both user-friendliness and tools to help you go rounds. Our aim, as always, is to keep adding new features that help you turn on more win lights. And version 1.0.8 is…

Improving your ET predictions

Improve your ET predictions.

This month’s article is all about analyzing your run data and removing any bad runs in your weather station so you can improve your ET predictions. Bad runs will affect your weather station’s ability to predict your ET accurately. So…

Drag Racing Weather Stations 101

Drag Racing Weather Stations 101.

Have you ever wondered what a drag racing weather station does, how it works and how it helps bracket racers win more rounds? Every drag racing weather station basically works like this: Sampling and Displaying the Current Weather Conditions The…