Junior Dragster - finish line.

Unlock the full potential of your junior dragster racer with the Time Slip Simulator.

Do you want to help your budding junior dragster racer learn the fundamentals of bracket racing? Do you want to show them in an easy-to-understand way how reaction times, dial-ins and “driving the stripe” all contribute to turning on win lights?

Then, the Time Slip Simulator is the perfect tool for you.

Why choose the Time Slip Simulator?

Bracket racing is tough and super competitive. Thousandths of a second can be the difference between winning and going home.

What if you could replay your races in 3D from the information on a time slip and review the results? How about trying different reaction times and dial-ins to see how they affect the outcome of a race? You can do all this and more with the Time Slip Simulator.

The Time Slip Simulator gives you the seat time you need to go rounds without the expense and frustration.

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What to expect from the Time Slip Simulator.

Designed for the Windows PC, the Time Slip Simulator includes coaching and training tools to help your junior dragster racer go rounds without “practising” during eliminations. It’s seat time without the expense.

Replay your race in 3D from multiple angles  - Junior Dragster.

Replay your race in 3D from multiple angles and analyze the result

Watch your race unfold from multiple camera angles:

  • Watch opponent
  • Top-down
  • Driver’s eye-view
  • Head check/look over shoulder
  • TV mode
  • Sideways view
Time slip data entry screen - Junior Dragster.

Try different scenarios to demonstrate how they affect the difference between winning and losing

The Time Slip Simulator accurately replays your races just from the details on your time slip.

You can slow down the playback, try different race scenarios and visualise track position.

Win Indicator -  - Junior Dragster.

Use the Win Indicator to show where your front wheels need to be to win the race

Teach your junior dragster racer the importance of a good reaction time and driving the stripe.

The Win Indicator shows you which winning strategies are at play during a race and exactly where your front wheels need to be to turn on the win light.

Time slip run generator - Junior Dragster.

Run your next race before it happens to see what a winning position looks like.

Imagine running your next race before it happens. Well, you can with the Time Slip Simulator.

Enter your and your opponent’s dial-in and replay the race to get an idea of where your opponent should be at key points down the track. E.g., 330ft and the mile-an-hour cone.

Did you have a better reaction time? Are they running under their dial-in? The run generator can help to answer those questions.

The finish line trainer  - Junior Dragster.

And that’s not all…

Your subscription also includes access to the finish line trainer – an online tool we’re developing to help racers practice judging the finish line.

  • Randomly generate a run based on a spread of reaction and elapsed times
  • Replay the race and use the keyboard to guess which lane will finish first
  • Keep score of how many you guess correctly
  • Configure the difficulty level with realism settings

Ready to turn on those win lights?

Stay ahead of the competition with the Time Slip Simulator. Whether your racer is a novice looking to improve or a seasoned racer seeking that extra edge, we have the tools to help you go rounds.

Subscribe today and embrace your champion’s journey! Remember, winners are made – not born.

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