Drive the finish line like a champ!

Your new Portatree practice tree covers the start line, but what about the finish line?

Enter the Time Slip Simulator, your ultimate tool for dominating the finish line. This revolutionary software replays your races in stunning 3D detail, utilizing the data from your time slips.

  • Practice Like a Pro: Race against various opponents to understand track positioning and make informed decisions at the finish line
  • Spot Improvement Areas: Replay your time slips to pinpoint areas to enhance your performance
  • Analyze your Opponents: Review your opponent’s time slips to identify weaknesses and patterns
  • Winning Precision: Utilize the “Win Window” feature to determine the exact positioning needed for victory
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: Run your next round before it happens with the “Run Generator”
Time Slip Simulator and Portatree

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