I give the Time Slip Simulator and Kym’s customer service five stars! 

“The Time Slip Simulator is one of those things I wasn’t even looking for but couldn’t be happier to have found it!  It’s hard to search for something you’ve never even thought of.

I stumbled across the TSS, and after going through the website, I immediately ordered a subscription. It’s rare to see/find any type of software that’s designed specifically for drag racing, so I had to check it out.

As the owner of a motorcycle drag racing school for bracket racers (University of Win), I always strive to add value and knowledge for our members. After utilizing the TSS myself, I then contacted Kym to figure out how we could add this to our program for all our school members. Thankfully, we were able to work out a mutually beneficial deal and make the TSS a standard part of the University of Win.

I know that this software will be huge for our school members. In my opinion, driving the finish line (stripe) is one of the hardest things to learn/teach. You really can’t practice it aside from real-life racing. The TSS just about resolves this problem with the ability to not only replay races that have occurred but also by creating new scenarios to run through. You can utilize it to learn closing rates and gain a much better understanding of driving the finish line.

In addition to the current software, Kym is working on some great new updates. One of the new features is the “Finish Line Trainer”, which is another great tool that helps you learn to drive the stripe.

Not only is the software itself great, but Kym has provided exceptional customer service from the start. In addition to welcoming our school program with open arms, he’s been super responsive to questions we’ve had. Kym also dedicated an hour to join one of our weekly school calls to go over the TSS in detail for all our members. This proved invaluable, as it showed us all the additional features built into the TSS that I was unaware of.

Overall, I give the Time Slip Simulator and Kym’s customer service five stars!  It’s one of the few programs available for drag racers and if you maximize the software, it will definitely help out your racing program.”

Ben Knight – University of Win