Our Story on the Time Slip Simulator

“We were one of the original customers who purchased the Time Slip Simulator from Kym when it was first released. Bobby Kernwein was nine years old at the time, and it helped us win an 11.90 index championship and second place in our age group division in the Midwest Junior Super Series.

Bobby learned how to drive the finish line stripe using the training tools and different camera angles the software showed when replaying a run. It was also amazing that we could simulate different scenarios by inputting different time slip information into the program.

We constantly gave Kym feedback on how to improve this amazing program, and every suggestion we made, Kym implemented in today’s newest version of the Time Slip Simulator. One suggestion was to have a junior dragster in the program vs a full-size car for the kids to relate to. Kym loved our feedback and added Bobby’s car to his software. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to become the next champion purchase the Time Slip Simulator.”

Bob Kernwein – New Lenox Illinois