The missing piece in the puzzle

I don’t need to tell you how tough sportsman drag racing has become. If you’re not chopping the tree down and running dead-on, you’re going home early.

To become more consistent, drag racers use a wide range of tools, from practice trees to weather stations, delay boxes, ET predicators and data loggers – all in pursuit of the perfect reaction and elapsed time.

However, there’s always been a missing piece in the puzzle. Other professional sports have access to tools to review and improve performance – video replays, telemetrics to transmit data (live stats) and GPS tracking.

The Time Slip Simulator is that piece in the puzzle, providing drag racers for the first time with the tools to replay, analyze runs and improve their race craft. It’s seat time without the expense and frustration.

While a practice tree can help you with your reaction time and a weather station with your elapsed time prediction, the Time Slip Simulator helps you understand track position (your position relative to your opponent) and driving the finish line.

The Time Slip Simulator completes the tools you need to give yourself the best chance of going rounds and turning on more win lights.