Time Slip Simulator 1.1 – exciting new features coming soon

Work is progressing well on version 1.1 of the TSS. Over the last few months, I’ve added several new features and improvements I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Camera Updates

The camera system has been updated, adding the “90-degree” and “watch opponent” features to the point-of-view camera, enhancing your racing experience like never before.

These additions elevate the TSS’s realism, providing valuable insights into your track position relative to your opponents. With clearer visuals and enhanced perspective, you can make more informed decisions as you approach the finish line.

Watch the Video.

Time Slip Simulator 1.1 - camera updates.

Rear-view Mirror

Adding to the realism is the long-awaited review rear-view mirror feature. This dramatically improves your situational awareness and ability to gauge closure rates.

Watch the Video.

Motorcycle Model

I’m excited to announce that the new motorcycle model will be available in version 1.1. The model looks great and is a fantastic addition for our two-wheeled competitors.

Perfect Package Line

One of the TSS’s unique features is the Win Window, a tool designed to illustrate exactly where you need to be to win a round. 

I recently added the Perfect Package line, which shows what a perfect run looks like—trip zip on the tree and running dead on. It also shows how much your reaction time contributes to your track position and how far away you are from a perfect run.

Watch the Video.

User Interface Improvements

As part of the improvement process, I’ve also made several updates to the user interface to make the TSS easier to use.

  • Save replay settings – when you exit the TSS, it will now remember your last replay settings, including the selected camera and lane
  • New keyboard commands – for example, you can select individual cameras with the number keys and cycle through replay speed settings
  • Clear time slip – when you press the Clear button on the Time Slip entry screen, the fields will be blank. You won’t have to delete any default values
  • Run generator settings – as per the replay settings; the TSS will now remember your last run generator settings

Once version 1.1 has been completed, I’ll move on to version 2.0, which includes phone support for iOS and Android.