Exciting new tools in Version 1.0.8

Version 1.0.8 represents a significant advancement in terms of both user-friendliness and tools to help you go rounds. Our aim, as always, is to keep adding new features that help you turn on more win lights.

And version 1.0.8 is no exception…

New Tools

In this latest version, we’ve included two exciting new tools to help you visualize a run like never before and get that winning edge over the opposite lane:

  • On-screen dial-in markers to see if you’re in front of (breakout) or behind your nominated handicap. It’s the perfect tool to help you refine your dial-in strategy and tighten up the finish line
  • In tandem with the on-screen dial-in markers, we’ve also introduced a revolutionary new tool called the Win Indicator. The Win Indicator is designed to help you visualize what race strategy is at play during a race and where your vehicle needs to be to give you the very best chance of winning

Interface Improvements

We also often get requests to update the TSS to make it easier to use. We’ve listened to your feedback and have made a number of changes to speed things up and improve the user-friendliness of the program:

  • The simulation screen remembers your settings between runs. E.g. If you choose the top-down camera view and set the playback speed to 1/2, when you return to the simulation screen, the same camera view and playback speed will be selected. You no longer have to set your simulation preferences over and over again for each run
  • We’ve added 1/16 super-slow-mode playback speed
  • You can change the playback speed while paused. Press the pause button, change the playback speed and then resume. You can now slow down the important sections of the run with ease
  • You can now view the race result screen at any time. You no longer have to wait for the run to complete
  • A new sideways camera mode has been added. From the driver’s perspective, looking 90 degrees towards the opposite lane, this new mode gives you a great view of your opponent and the finish line

To see the latest version in action, see the tutorial video and check out the updated help page.