Version 1.0.9 ready for download

I’m thrilled to announce that the latest version of the Time Slip Simulator is now available for download! Say hello to the Time Slip Simulator 1.0.9. – with new features and refinements to help you go rounds.

What’s New in Time Slip Simulator 1.0.9?

Thanks to feedback from our valued customers, I’ve worked hard to bring you an enhanced experience. With version 1.0.9, you can expect:

  • Keyboard controls for all the replay features. You can now quickly and efficiently jump between cameras and lanes, pause and play
  • Addition of a new point-of-view camera mode (Driver POV). From the driver’s perspective, you control the first-person view with your mouse. It adds a whole new level of immersion to the simulation, allowing you to look around just like you’re sitting in your race car
  • You can now operate all cameras while the replay is paused, giving you more freedom than ever before
  • The head check camera now uses the right mouse button to look at your opponent. This provides more precision and convenience when operating in this camera mode 
  • Vehicles now pause precisely at the finish line when the auto-pause option is selected, providing an accurate view of the margin of victory from the simulation screen 
  • The acceleration data has been fixed on the stats pop-up window and includes a g-force calculation

For the updated instructions and keyboard controls, visit the user guide.