Video Tutorials

Time Slip Entry Screen

Entering your time slips.

This tutorial covers the basics: entering a time slip, clearing and saving a time slip, navigating through your time slips, and updating the race settings – race type, distance, tree speed and tree type.

Run your race BEFORE it happens!

Use the Run Generator feature to run your race before it happens, using your and your opponent’s dial-ins. The Time Slip Simulator calculates the incrementals and displays the time slip on the screen.

The Simulation Screen

How to replay your race.

This tutorial covers the basics of the Simulation Screen: playing, resuming, and stopping a replay, turning the sound on and off, and changing lanes. It also provides a brief overview of the cameras.

Switching cameras.

This tutorial covers the basics of the Simulation Screen cameras: TV Mode, Driver POV, Look Ahead (with Head Check), Sideways view, Watch Opponent and Look Down.