The Time Slip Simulator

Drive the finish line like a champ!

The Time Slip Simulator is the ultimate tool for dominating the finish line. This revolutionary software replays your races in stunning 3D detail, utilizing the data from your time slips.

  1. Practice Like a Pro: Race against various opponents to understand track positioning and make winning decisions at the finish line
  2. Spot Improvement Areas: Replay your time slips to pinpoint areas to improve your performance
  3. Analyze your Opponents: Review your opponent’s time slips to identify weaknesses and their racing strategies
  4. Winning Precision: Use the “Win Window” to understand exactly what you need to do to win a race
  5. Stay Ahead of the Competition: Run your next round before it happens with the “Run Generator”
Replay your races, analyze the results and turn on more win lights with the Time Slip Simulator.

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Realistic Simulation

The Time Slip Simulator accurately replays your races just from the details on your time slip:

  • DYO, index and heads-up racing modes
  • 1320, 1000, and 660-foot race distances
  • 0.5 and 0.4 tree speeds
  • Full and pro tree modes
  • Multiple vehicle models

You can slow down the playback, try different race scenarios and visualise track position.

Multiple Camera Angles

Watch your race unfold from multiple camera angles:

  • Watch opponent
  • Top-down
  • Driver’s eye-view
  • Head check/look over shoulder
  • TV mode
  • Sideways view

Drag Racing Training Tools

The Time Slip Simulator includes one-of-a-kind training tools to help you go rounds:

  • Gauge closure rates
  • Slow down and pause your race
  • Head check/look over shoulder feature
  • Visualize your next round before it happens
  • Calculate backoff points
  • Simulate top-end tactics

Works Offline

No internet connection? No worries.

Once you’ve activated your subscription, the Time Slip Simulator no longer needs an internet connection and will work offline.

Great for when you’re at the track, and a decent internet connection can be hard to come by.

Logbook Integration

You can import time slips from a number of electronic logbooks, including Crew Chief Pro and DragStat.

So there’s no need to enter your time slip details twice. Enter them into your logbook program and click a button to import the selected time slips into the Time Slip Simulator

Save Time and Money

With the Time Slip Simulator, you can test & tune your drag racing skills without heading to the drag strip.

Try different ‘what if’ scenarios and strategies from your laptop; no race fuel or rubber required.

Logbook Integrations

The Time Slip Simulator integrates seamlessly with the leading electronic logbooks. Click on the logos below to get the version of the Time Slip Simulator that works with your electronic logbook.

Crew Chief Pro Electronic Logbook
DragStat Run Prediction Software.


What is the Time Slip Simulator?

The Time Slip Simulator is a Windows PC application that replays your drag races on a virtual 3D track using just the information from your time slips. It is a unique training tool that helps you become a better racer and turn on more win lights.

Enter your time slip data, press the simulate button and your race is replayed from multiple camera angles.

Who is the Time Slip Simulator for?

The Time Slip Simulator (TSS) is for bracket racers who want to improve their driving skills and go rounds. Many parents also use the TSS as a tool to help junior dragster drivers improve their top-end driving skills.

Packed with training tools, the Time Slip Simulator helps you visualize races, gauge closure rates and make better decisions. Along with your weather station, log book and laptop, the Time Slip Simulator is a must-have tool if you want to get the most out of your drag racing.

What are the main features?

The main features include:

  • Realistic race simulation; race length, tree type, tree speed and race type
  • Store up to 50 runs
  • Three different vehicles to choose from: Dragster, 68 Camaro and Junior Dragster
  • Generate runs using dial-ins so you can race your next round before it happens
  • Automatically calculate if you or your opponent backed off and simulate
  • View your runs from multiple camera angles and at different speeds
  • Displays on-screen statistics, including closure rates and acceleration

What are the system requirements?

The Time Slip Simulator is currently available for Windows PC.

Windows Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP and up
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally, everything made since 2004 should work
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support (most chips from 2001 and up)

What electronic log books does it work with?

The Time Slip Simulator works with Crew Chief Pro and DragStat.

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