TSS 2.0

The Time Slip Simulator continuously evolves, adding new features and improvements. Taking all of the fantastic feedback I’ve received from customers, the TSS 2.0 is where you can try out these new features, see how they work and let me know what you think.

Exclusive Access

Current customers have exclusive access to new features as they’re being developed. To make it as easy as possible, you access the new features from your desktop web browser. That way, there’s nothing to install on your computer.

The basic requirements are:

  • Minimum web browser specs. I recommend Chrome or Firefox
  • View it from your desktop/laptop. It will NOT work from your cellphone

If you’re a current customer and can’t remember your username and password, email kym@timeslipsim.com, and I’ll send the details to you.

To gain early access to the new features, place your order today.

There are currently two feature areas for you to try out:

  • Finish Line Trainer
  • Run Replay

Finish Line Trainer

The Finish Line Trainer is designed to help you judge the finish line. In a nutshell, you create a random replay and use the keyboard during a run to choose which lane will finish first.

Feature include:

  • Randomly generated reaction times and ETs 
  • Use the keyboard to choose which lane will finish first
    •  z key – left lane
    •  x key – right lane
  • Run scoring so you can measure your improvement over time
  • Realism settings to change the difficulty level
    • Driver’s point of view only
    • Full-speed replay only
    • No pause

Check out the Finish Line Trainer videos on YouTube for a rundown on how it works.

Finish Line Trainer - TSS 2.0

Run Replay

The Run Replay is an evolution of how you playback a run. In the current version of the TSS, you can play and pause a run. However, you can’t move back and forth through a run like you can with a video.

With the new Run Replay, you can “scrub” back and forth through a run using a timeline bar. Scrubbing makes it much easier to navigate through a replay without restarting it each time.

Along with the scrub feature, I’ve also included the following:

  •  Improved time slip entry screen
  •  A time slip generator 
  •  Additional camera angles
  • Keyboard shortcut keys:
    •     Space bar – play/pause
    •     c – change cameras
    •     l – change lane
    •     v – turn sound on/off
    •     s – change the replay speed

Check out the Run Replay videos on YouTube for a rundown on how it works.

Run Replay - TSS 2.0